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F & W Professional Insurance Brokerage Inc. in Brooklyn, NY, is your premier insurance broker in the region. Our years of experience and background enable us to provide you with great service.

About Us

Nobody knows the auto insurance business quite like we do. That’s because at F & W Professional Insurance Brokerage Inc., we have a wide array of experience in the automotive industry. Our company started as a small shop for the transportation industry, specializing in trucks and buses. We’ve also owned a pre-owned car business. The pairing of these two ventures, along with our experience from the DMV, allowed us to become involved in insurance. Eventually, the demand for our work became so overwhelming that we had to sell both of our companies to focus on providing insurance full-time.

Premium Insurance

Since 1989, we have been selling insurance of all types, and our reputation and professionalism have allowed us to have direct binding authority with over 20 major insurance companies. Our friendly customer service representatives ensure that each person is treated as an actual person and not just another number. We have a special niche for those looking for special kinds of truck and bus permits.

Woman Signing A Car Insurance Policy
Car Accident

Accidents Happen

Accidents happen, regardless of how careful you are on the road. Our friendly agents are dedicated to helping you choose insurance plans, and we provide low-cost auto policies and specialized commercial insurance as well as homeowner’s insurance that suits your needs.


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