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Insurance in Brooklyn, NY

F & W Professional Insurance Brokerage Inc. in Brooklyn, NY, specializes in auto insurance for every type of driver. Discover how our coverage can work for you.

Full Coverage

At F & W Professional Insurance Brokerage Inc., we offer motor vehicle insurance for individual and commercial drivers in New York and New Jersey. We also provide home insurance coverage with quotes that are some of the lowest in the industry.

Insurance Types

As your personal insurance agency, F & W Professional Insurance Brokerage Inc. works closely with you to help you find the absolute best coverage. Unlike other insurance firms, our agents take the time to learn about you and your needs. We search through a network of leading providers in order to find policies that fit your budget. Our other types of insurance services include:

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Other Services

Contact us in Brooklyn, NY, for motor vehicle insurance and additional services.

Notice: This transaction or service is also available, at no charge, directly from the official Department of Motor Vehicles’ website at